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Geological Anomolies and Glacial Erratics in the Adirondack Park


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There ware so many problems that I encountered during the search for answers. I chose the topic Geological anomolies and Glacial Erratics looking for answers to where and how they where formed. Upon starting my paper I soon came to a realization that I chose a topic that was overly specific. I also realized that there has not been many publications or research done about the anomolies and erratics that I covered in my research. So I embarked on my own to find these places, studying the rock and formulating hypethises about how they where formed. It is for this reason that the majority of the research done in my paper was preformed by myself and from which I think I formulated some interesting and valid hypothesis. After some searching I finally found a couple of websites and a book my friend had that shined some light on these rock formations. At the same time I was having trouble doing this reasearch the company I worked for took on a new account. So to make things worse I was shipped out of town to a hotel that did not have internet, things where really getting bad. I had to wait until I came home on Friday to do my research at the same time I was doing my weekly assignments we had for class. I finally got caught up with all my research and began writting my paper which led to another bump in the road. Where and when do you cite someone else's work? So I began reading my text and trying to get a handle on on the information that acquired. Once I started writing the paper a realization came to me, geology is boring unless you are interested in it. So I racked my brain on making things interesting and putting a spin on all the boring scientific language. I also decided to make this more of a photo essay with a research platform. All in all these past four weeks have been very hard but it has been worth it. I have answered all my questions and found it to be very enjoyable. I hope you get as much enjoyment as you read it as I did. I also urge everyone to get out and explore the Adirondacks.

Geological Anomolies and Glacial Erratics in the Adirondack Park